by Cheri Magill

Released 2004
Released 2004
Energetic pop/rock with incredible lyrics and memorable melodies.
Somewhere between the serene estro-pop of Sarah McLachlan, the angsty girl-woman guitar-rock of Michelle Branch and the hushed playfulness of the country diva of your choice (Shania, Faith, et al), Cheri Magill radiates the kind of natural warmth and personal connectivity some of the above have paid handlers millions for. Thanks to Ready's glossy-crisp production (by Silvercrush's Steele Croswhite) wed to Magill's dulcet voice, smart lyrics and sure footings in rock and balladry, the only element that seems to be missing is a major-label logo on the back. Give her time, and handlers.

Cheri has performed all over Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho,Minnesota, and Wisconsin, as well as TV and radio performanes. She was recently named Utah's 2005 "Best of State" vocalist.
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